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Marijuana addiction treatment in Atlanta is widely available for habitual smokers. Although popular opinion is that cannabis is not addictive, psychologists do recognize marijuana dependence as a concern, citing cannabis use disorder (or cannabis dependence) as occurring in about nine percent of those who use cannabis globally. Treatment requests for marijuana dependence has increased internationally over the past two decades.

Common street names for cannabis include weed, pot, and dope. Less commonly used terms include reefer, buds, grass, ganja, and herb. There are literally hundreds of street names for cannabis, most either regional in use or variations on the phonetics of "marijuana" as a word. It's not uncommon for cannabis to be laced with other drugs to enhance the effects of either or both substances. It's in this way that marijuana dependence can become an addiction to another drug.

If you habitually use marijuana, you may have developed a dependence. Contact Atlanta addiction recovery centers for information on treatment options that can help. Dial (404) 921-0809.

About Marijuana Dependence

Although evidence for a physical addiction to weed is thin, withdrawal symptoms are possible. These include anxiety, depression, irritability, decreased appetite, insomnia, and, less often, gastrointestinal problems and restlessness. These symptoms will occur singly or as a group (called dysphoria) during the first week of cessation of marijuana use and often last for weeks afterward. Like alcohol abuse, marijuana dependence often becomes a way of life around which friends and social activities swing, creating a difficult withdrawal process emotionally.

Most with a cannabis use disorder are not aware of their addiction for many reasons. Often it's due to the common misconception that weed is not addictive and therefore the user cannot be an addict. Several risk factors also add to this, including continued use with more and more being required as the use of marijuana impedes the person's everyday life. Sometimes, other drugs are added to marijuana, such as crack cocaine, heroin, or other highly-addictive substances, as illicit dealers attempt to increase profits by adding more addictions to the marijuana user's palate. This creates a cross-addiction that can be problematic in treatment.

The signs and symptoms of marijuana dependence include the dedication of a large portion of one's daily life towards the acquisition, use, and discussion of cannabis. Its use becomes a replacement for other, normal activities, eventually replacing interactions with friends and family. As the addiction progresses, other physical problems will emerge, similar to those manifested by tobacco smokers: coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, irritated eyes, fouled mucus membranes, and so forth.


There are no medications for marijuana dependence, so treatment is usually withdrawal from use, therapy, and other Orlando recovery programs similar to those used for other dependencies such as 12-step programs and interventions. Patients are also encouraged to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting ( Don't wait to seek help. Call Atlanta drug detox centers today to get started.

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