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Detoxification is the first step in any addict's path to sobriety. Whether it is an alcohol or substance dependency, detox is necessary before any other treatment can begin. However, it is also the roadblock that stands between many addicts and their recovery. They know that it is difficult, that it is uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, and this makes some wary of the whole process. They may have even experienced the first withdrawals when trying to quit drugs or alcohol alone, and they know exactly what it is going to feel like. Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers recognize that this is a difficult process and that patients do not have the tools to deal with the symptoms effectively on their own.

What is Alcohol and Drug Detox?

In short, detoxification is the process through which your body rids itself of all traces of the alcohol or drug. It sounds simple, but over the use of a substance, your body and mind both become dependent on that substance. Because of this, both mind and body can react badly when the substance is taken away.

What Happens at Alcohol / Drug Detox Centers in Atlanta?

The length of the detox period depends on the specific person, but it can be anywhere from a few days to a week. As the body processes the remnants of the drug, it can react in many different ways.Once you enter one of the available rehab facilities, a doctor will evaluate you and create a detoxification plan that will make the process as quick and painless as possible. Doctors in some facilities will prescribe a medication like methadone to help narcotics users come off the drug more quickly. They may also provide other medications to mitigate the typical symptoms of withdrawal. Throughout detox, your doctor will ensure that you are taken care of, that you are safe, and that the withdrawal and detoxification period is not more than you can handle.

Why is Detox Necessary?

Obviously, you have to stop using drugs or alcohol if you want to enter treatment. For that reason alone, detox is an essential step. However, it also provides psychological benefits, in addition to the physical ones. While some programs may step you off the drug, slowly, giving your body time to adjust to the lower and lower dosage of substance, most doctors still believe that going cold turkey, completely shutting off the drug, will provide you not only with the cleanest slate possible, but also a lasting impression that will carry you through recovery and help prevent relapse. The feeling of clarity after detox is over is one that many former addicts carry with them to remind them why they never want to return to addiction.


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