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Making the decision to enter rehab is often one of the most difficult decisions to make. It takes trust, it takes willpower, and it takes time. This directory of a number of Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers can help you narrow down your options when it comes to searching for a treatment center. If you are struggling with addiction, it may seem impossible to even be clean or sober again. Many people who try to quit alcohol or drugs on their own end up relapsing quickly, even if they have a great support structure. The various Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers can provide you with the tools you need to finally rid yourself of your addiction.

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Drug Rehab Facilities in Atlanta

Causes of Addiction

For most people, long-term addictions are caused by a rewiring of the brain. When we repeatedly use a substance, we teach our brains and bodies not only to become accustomed to the substance but also, eventually, to require that substance to function properly. Protracted alcohol use, for example, causes the brain to create new neurotransmitter, specifically for the alcohol, which makes it a physical necessity. Similar processes happen in the body for every drug. Some people are even predisposed to addiction because of past behaviors or family history. Researchers have found that addiction is a disease like any other. It behaves the same way in the body. And just like for any serious disease, proper treatment is necessary.

Long-Term Effects of Addiction

Aside from the actual addiction, those with substance dependencies greatly affect their body, lowering their immune systems, making them more prone to illnesses. Some drugs take a serious toll on the heart, leading to cardiac problems, and most drugs will damage the liver, increasing the risk of liver failure. There is also a danger of prolonged changes to behavior, even after getting clean. Many types of addiction cause a person to become more aggressive and impulsive, two conditions that fuel drug use, and can also make it increasingly difficult to kick the habit.

Why Enter one of the Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers

Atlanta Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers are designed to help addicts find the tools and skills they need to get and stay clean. No matter what substance holds them captive, there are doctors who know precisely how, when, and why to implement certain strategies and techniques to coax a person into sobriety. Rehab can save your life if you are feeling the burden of your addiction. It can restore damaged family relationships and gives your system a fighting chance against the disease. Some addicts do succeed outside of treatment, but rehab facilities are the best venue for developing the skills you need to stay clean in the long run. Not only do they help you build a network of like-minded people, they provide solutions for the days when relapse seems inevitable.

Finding a Support System

As with any disease, a support system is essential to recovery programs. We often like to pretend we can go it alone or are too proud to ask for help when we really need it. When recovering from addiction, this will be a serious hindrance. Whether you have a strong network of family members and friends who can help and support you, or you find that support system in programs like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, it will give you people to rely on if you have a difficult day. In turn, you also get to support and provide for those around you, which can give you a sense of purpose essential to remaining clean. Those who have recovered from addiction say that giving back to others looking for the same freedom is one of the things that keeps them going.

Preventing Relapse

After leaving an Atlanta drug rehab center, relapse may seem imminent. As difficult as it was to get clean, it may seem even more difficult to stay clean. This is where your support system comes in. It may also be helpful to have a specific plan in place for situations where you know you will be threatened by relapse. The most important aspect of staying clean is to take it one day at a time, recovery is an ongoing process and never really ends, though, over time, you will find yourself naturally moving away from any remnants of your addiction and living a clean and sober life.

Drug Treatment ATL is a powerful tool to help you or your loved one to break free from your addiction and stay that way. Treatment options are available for everyone who needs to break free from addiction. If you or a loved one is in the grip of addiction, please don't hesitate. The list of various Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers can help you find a treatment facility. Call Now! (404) 921-0809

Addiction Treatment in Atlanta

When you are having a problem with addiction to drugs or alcohol, one of the various Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers can help you. Addiction is a disease that requires professional treatment in order to overcome the disease fully. While you can try to make it on your own with recovery, you are going to have a more successful, more productive recovery if you do it with professional help. Use this list of Atlanta drug treatment centers in order to help narrow down your search.

Here are the types of treatment you may find and what they are about:

•   Supervised Detox Program: A supervised detox program gives you the safety and support you need when you are going through withdrawal. Managing your own withdrawal symptoms is uncomfortable at best. When you are in a treatment program for detox, you won't be putting your life at unnecessary risk. Detox under supervision at a professional treatment center and you will be on the road to recovery.

•   Residential Treatment Short-term: Short-term residential treatment allows you to continue to focus on your sobriety in a supportive, highly structured environment. You will go to groups during the day and you will start to work with a counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan. You can stay in a short-term rehabilitation program in Atlanta a few weeks, up to a month or more as you work on your early needs in recovery.

•   Long-term Residential Treatment: This level of addiction treatment in Atlanta is available to people who need to spend more time in a residential setting after short-term treatment. You can stay in a long-term substance abuse treatment facility for up to six months or more, depending on your specific treatment needs. This is a great option for people who don't feel safe returning home or who aren't ready to be fully integrated into society.

•   Sober Living Programs: Sober living programs are communal living programs that give addicts a chance to live with other people who are also committed to their sobriety. In a sober living program in Atlanta, you will have support from your peers in a setting that will allow you to integrate back into society. You start slowly with going to meetings out in the community, and your progress to getting a job and paying some of your check towards rent. The goal of sober living is to teach you how to live independently.

•   Treatment Services on an Outpatient Basis: Treatment for addiction in Atlanta can include services that you receive as an outpatient. Two types of outpatient programs are IOPs, (Intensive Outreach Programs) or PHPs, (Partial Hospitalization Programs). Both types of programs offer you a highly structured environment during the day, but you go home each night. You get the same type of structure that you would in a residential treatment program, but you return home each night. Other outpatient services can include individual therapy, group therapy and any other treatment aimed at keeping you sober.

Strategies to Maintain Sobriety Day to Day

Right from the beginning of your recovery, you'll learn the importance of relapse prevention strategies. The thought of staying sober for the rest of your life is often overwhelming, and it helps to look at strategies to maintain your sobriety in Atlanta day to day. As you work on your recovery, take the time to think about the following relapse prevention strategies that will help you stay sober:

•   Talk out your problems with a trusted friend. If you are having a bad day, this can cause you to feel very stressed out. Sit down with someone you trust and try to work through the problem.

•   Listen. Go to a meeting and simply listen to the individuals who are speaking. Sometimes listening is all you need to do to get back on track with your commitment to your sobriety.

•   Practice self-care. Take as good care of yourself as you take care of everyone else. Go for a massage if you can, a pedicure, or simply head out to a movie that you enjoy.

As you pay attention to your stress levels, you will find that your recovery becomes easier. Learn new ways to cope with the stress in your life so that you won't turn to drugs or alcohol because of stress. You will get stronger in your recovery, but you have to have faith that you will be successful. Reach out to your support network any time that you feel weak in your recovery and you will soon discover that you have the ability to stay sober.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Addiction Rehabilitation

The use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is popular in many of the Atlanta drug treatment centers. In this form of therapy, you will talk with a therapist who has the skills and training necessary to help you change negative thought patterns. CBT gives you the opportunity to learn about your thought patterns and to change how to process information.

For example, you might say, "I am never getting better, I will never understand this." Statements that use the word never are generally not completely true. A CBT therapist will have you look at the statement and suggest a more positive statement. A CBT therapist might suggest, "I am struggling to heal and understand. I will be able to learn this." Take a look at what you are saying and what the reality is.

Any time you use a dramatic or all-encompassing statement, this usually means you are over-reacting. Pay attention to your thoughts, and you will soon discover that positive, affirmative thinking comes easier to you.

Addiction treatment in Atlanta will allow you to recover from the difficult thoughts you have and the negative behaviors it can cause. You will be able to recover but you just have to start your program now. CBT is a useful tool that will allow you to establish more productive thought patterns so that you can lead a healthier life.

Warning Signs That You Might Be Headed Towards a Relapse

Sometimes, relapse can be part of the recovery process. While you may not think you are going to relapse, it's necessary to pay attention to the warning signs that a relapse is imminent. Warning signs that a relapse is near includes:

•   You have a lack of motivation to work your recovery program and you haven't been involved in group meetings for a few weeks.

•   You aren't reaching out to members in your peer support network.

•   You have decided that you can drink just a little and then stop again.

•   You no longer think that it is important to stay sober.

If you find yourself dreaming about the old times when you were using drugs or alcohol, you probably need help. When you start believing that you can use a little and it won't be a big deal, you will find yourself quickly spiraling out of control. Reach out to your support network when you are feeling signs that a relapse is near.

For the times when you do suffer a relapse, don't throw all of your hard work away. No matter what happens, reach out to your support network if you relapse. Get yourself back in an addiction treatment center in Atlanta if necessary. Don't give up simply because you took a step backward in your recovery.

Is It Time for Addiction Treatment in Atlanta?

If you are asking yourself whether you need addiction treatment or not, the chances are high that you do. If you are actively abusing substances, you will not be able to stop on your own. No matter what you try to do, quitting drugs or alcohol on your own is almost impossible.

You are ready to go to addiction treatment when you are dreaming of a better life and you want to break free from addiction. You can heal from your addiction, but you have to ask for the help that you need.

Addiction treatment begins with a call for help. You will first enter a substance abuse treatment facility in Atlanta for detox, and then move on to a structured, short-term rehabilitation program. If you aren't confident in your ability to return home right away, you can continue with a residential program until you are.

You need addiction treatment if you have a drug or alcohol addiction and it is getting out of control. It is not possible to quit an addiction on your own and have long-term success. A smart individual seeks addiction treatment from a professional facility and is able to ask for help when it is needed.

Alcoholics and the Wait for Addiction Treatment

Alcoholics don't always go to addiction treatment because they don't believe that they are truly addicted. Drinking is a socially acceptable activity, and the line between social drinking and alcoholism can be hard to define. Treatment for alcoholism is also a problem, as alcoholics feel weak or as if they can't handle their alcohol. The bottom line is that alcoholics who need addiction treatment the most often wait the longest.

If you are wondering if you are an alcoholic, ask yourself the following questions:

•   Do I do things that I regret because I was drinking, only do them time and time again?

•   Does my spouse get angry because of my drinking?

•   Have I tried to quit drinking on my own but haven't been able to stop?

•   Do I fear living without alcohol or refuse to take medications that interact with alcohol?

If you answer yes to any of these statements, you may have a problem with alcohol. If your behavior has been ongoing, then you need treatment for an alcohol addiction.

Social drinking is so acceptable that those that abuse alcohol think there is nothing wrong with their behavior. Driving drunk gets to be no big deal and friends that alcoholics are hanging out with are usually other alcoholics.

The people you drink with are probably not going to support your treatment. It is likely that they will try to discourage you, because if you admit to being an alcoholic, they may be too. When you decide that you have had enough and want help for your alcohol addiction, don't expect the people you drink all the time with to be there for you.

What Will My Friends and Family Think of My Addiction Treatment in Atlanta?

When you have been trying to hide an addiction from your friends and family members, it is likely that they know about your addiction anyway. For most people, the decision to go to treatment is accepted by their loved ones. Chances are high that your friends and family are happy for you and have known that you have needed addiction treatment for some time.

If you have people in your life that aren't supportive of your addiction treatment, these aren't friends you need in your life right now. You need people who are going to encourage you to participate in treatment and give you the support you need after making such an important decision.

Your friends and family will be glad that you have finally decided to get the help you need. Don't be afraid to go to treatment because you fear what others are going to think. One of the many Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers on this list can help you.

What You'll Find at an Addiction Treatment Center in Atlanta

If you are wary about going to an addiction treatment center in Atlanta, it's time to ease your fears. You will find a professional environment that gives you the support you need to heal from your addiction. When you seek treatment in a rehabilitation facility, you will be able to get sober in an empathetic, comfortable environment that gives you the tools you need to get sober.

You don't have to worry about an addiction treatment center and the people you will meet. You will be happy to find that the facility will be full of people from all walks of life, and you will meet people just like yourself. When you make the decision to go to addiction treatment, you are going to feel satisfied with the environment you find. Use this directory of different Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers in order to help narrow down your search.

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