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Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching your loved one struggle with the consequences of a drug treatment problem or alcohol addiction. However, don't blame yourself. Addiction is a complex and serious condition that is difficult to overcome. When an individual is engaged in drug abuse and drug addiction, their judgment and thinking skills are clouded by denial and the cycle of withdrawal and powerful cravings. You know that your loved one needs to enter one of the available residential facilities for possible detox and addiction counseling, but attempting to get him or her there only results in frustration and hopelessness.

Staging an Intervention: Breaking Through Denial

While you cannot force your family member or friend into alcohol and drug treatment counseling, there are steps that you can take to help him or her make the decision to get addiction therapy and enter an inpatient program. With a well-planned intervention, many families of sufferers have successfully persuaded their loved ones to begin drug treatment. The purpose of an intervention is to have each family member and friend confront the addict about how their addiction behaviors have negatively impacted them in a personal manner.

With loving concern and without blame, each member of the family tries to break through the addict's denial and persuade him or her to enter treatment and recovery. As a powerful tool, an intervention may provide the wake-up call your loved one needs to finally understand that their addiction is out of control.

Never Give Up on Your Loved One

One of the most important components to a successful intervention is to have a clear plan in place. Ensure that you have a room in one of the rehab facilities that meets your loved one's needs. It is also important to consult with a professional interventionist that can help you plan the best scenario possible.

No matter how many times your loved one has tried sobriety and failed, never give up on him or her. Addiction specialists may be able to assist you with the planning stages of a meaningful intervention that can make a difference. Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers can help you find local drug rehab facilities that can help you stage an intervention to get your loved one to enter recovery. Call (404) 921-0809 now.

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