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Atlanta Alcoholism Treatment

Because alcohol use is so widespread and accepted in society, it can be difficult to find the line between casual drinker and alcoholic. In the media, getting drunk night after night, even to blacking out, is often seen as normal, especially among teenagers and young adults. Because alcoholism is one of the most common addictions, and one that can be passed from parent to child, it is much harder to distinguish occasional over-drinking from a serious problem. Some people can drink for years before developing an addiction. Others, because of family history, can be dependent from their very first drink.

What Is Alcoholism?

If you often have trouble controlling your drinking habits, you may have a problem with alcohol. The official definition of alcoholism is a chronic drinking problem. However, it is much more complicated than that. Far before you ever develop a physical dependency on alcohol, you can develop an emotional dependency on it. Many people use alcohol to augment their moods, and this is one of the first signs that alcohol use has developed from a social activity into a more serious problem. Over time, you can train your brain to believe that you can only feel happy when alcohol is in your system, leaving you depressed when it is not. This is where the physical dependency begins.

Why Enter Atlanta Alcoholism Treatment?

Even though alcohol is so common in society, alcohol addiction can be one of the hardest to kick. It's prevalence is part of the problem, but the major roadblock is the way alcohol acts in the body. Over time, it rewires the brain, until the brain is only able to function while alcohol is in its system. The brain actually develops new receptors for the substance, so when that substance is taken away, it feels as though a vital and essential chemical has been removed from its make-up. Because of this, most alcoholics find treatment to be a necessity. Doctors can provide medications and solutions to help with the initial withdrawal symptoms, and then you find ways to handle the addiction as your brain relearns its natural chemistry.

What Happens in ATL Alcoholism Treatment?

One of the major obstacles between an addict and treatment is the lack of knowledge about what happens in treatment. No one want to get into something that they are unprepared for. In treatment, all patients must go through detoxification, and then a plan of counseling and skill learning will be implemented to help every patient build a sober life. Call Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers today!


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