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Addiction Treatment

When you or a loved one are looking for the best options of program treatment, the information can sometimes be overwhelming. There are options that vary from outpatient treatment to residential facilities, and it is sometimes difficult to know which option suits you best.

Drug use and abuse is a serious illness, and it is extremely important to make the best choice possible when picking treatment. Sometimes, there is only a small window of opportunity where the drug addict acknowledges that they need help with their addiction. Addiction is a progressive illness and should always be assessed by a professional to discuss the best possible treatment plan.

Outpatient treatment is most effective for those in early stages of addiction or for younger people that may exhibit a drug problem. This type of treatment meets in both individual and group sessions while the person still continues with their daily lives. Addicts who are beginning to experience problems with substance use and abuse can sometimes be treated better while they are still able to continue working and maintain their home life.

Residential treatment is best-suited for those with severe forms of addiction or who are suffering from a mental illness as well. The effect of long-term addiction can cause a person to have symptoms of anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder that may not have existed prior to their using. It is important that they are monitored and go through intensive therapy to ensure that they receive the proper recovery tools before returning back to their normal lives. Residential treatment is always the most encouraged form of rehabilitation because it minimizes risk of relapse during treatment as well as guarantees the patients' safety.

What is Drug Dependence?

Many addicts that enter treatment have been using for months or even years. This causes alterations in the equilibrium of both the mind and body that can cause intense symptoms of withdrawal when abstaining from substance abuse. The body has become dependent on these substances and goes into a state of shock that can be extremely uncomfortable or painful.

Rehabilitation facilities can help people achieve long-lasting recovery no matter what treatment route they choose to detox the body. Individuals who enter rehab are evaluated and monitored by medical and addiction specialists to ensure that they experience a safe detoxification process.

Many suffering addicts who believed their situation was hopeless go on to live their lives beyond what they could have ever imagined. Call Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers today at (877) 804-1531, for more information about available rehabilitation facilities that best fit your recovery needs.


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