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Like alcoholism, prescription drug addiction is on the rise. Part of that is because prescriptions drugs are so available. There are many doctors that will prescribe narcotics to their patients in order to help with severe pain. Some people even approach two doctors with the same problem and get double the prescription, just to feed their addiction. This addiction was rather unheard of thirty years ago, but with the proliferation of medical narcotics and the accessibility of drugs like these, it is very easy for someone to become an addict.

How to Identify a Prescription Drug Addiction

Many people become addicted to the prescription drugs they take for legitimate problems. When tolerance of the drug increases in the body, meaning the person has to take more of the prescription in order to feel relief, this is the beginning of dependency. Because most doctors are aware of which prescriptions can cause dependency, they will often shift their patients from drug to drug in order to keep them from developing an addiction, and to ensure that they still find the relief they need. Prescription drug addiction acts the same way as many other kinds of addiction. It starts of as a voluntary act, and then soon becomes a necessary one.

Why Prescription Drug Addiction is Dangerous

Some people mistakenly believe that because the drugs are prescribed by a doctor, they are safe to take, even when they know they have developed an addiction. However, the drugs most likely to trigger addictive behaviors, sleeping pill and pain pills, are also the most dangerous to take in high dosages. Plus, pain pills, sleeping pills, and other addictive medications, are designed to be effective at a certain dose, and above that dose can have unwanted side effects. Pain pills, especially, are known to strain the heart and eat away at the lining of the stomach.

What Happens in Atlanta Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription drug addiction is treated in the same way as any other addiction. Like those with dependencies on alcohol or illegal drugs, patients must undergo detoxification. Some doctors may prescribe a medication to help the body metabolize the addictive substance, and help curb cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Because some people who are addicted to prescription drugs still need a medication for their pain, insomnia, or other chronic problem, doctors will also find new solutions for these problems. If you are looking for more information about counseling and drug therapy options for those with prescription drug addictions, Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers can help. Call today!

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