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Heroin overdose rates have been on the rise in many parts of the country, and it is not just a problem for the big cities. In fact, heroin overdose rates have been rising in rural America and small towns as well as in the cities and the suburbs. This is why heroin drug rehab in Atlanta is a necessary service. Even if you think your life has not been touched by the scourge of heroin use, chances are you know someone with a friend or family member who has used the drug.

The reasons behind the troubling rise in heroin overdose rates are many, and experts are still struggling with the best way to respond. Many people think that the rise in heroin overdose rates can be traced to a similar rise in the prescribing of powerful opiate based painkillers like OxyContin and Vicodin. When users become hooked on these prescription painkillers, they may turn to heroin as a cheaper alternative when they are no longer able to obtain legitimate scripts from their doctor.

Others think that the rise in heroin use is at least partly the result of cheaper prices for the drug. In many parts of the country the market has been flooded with heroin, and the lower prices have caused some curious people to try the drug.

If you are struggling with heroin addiction, call Atlanta drug detox treatment centers to find out about available treatment options that can help. Dial (404) 921-0809 for more information.

How is Heroin Used?

When many people think about heroin they picture needles and dirty syringes, but that is not necessarily the face of the new heroin. Today, heroin is just as likely to be snorted or smoked, and the decreased reliance on needles is another factor behind the rise in the use of the drug.

No matter how it is used, however, heroin is a dangerous and highly addictive drug. If someone in your life has been struggling with heroin addiction, it is important to get them into treatment as soon as possible. A problem with heroin will not get better on its own, but a combination of Atlanta medical detox, intensive counseling and quality drug treatment can make a huge difference in the life of the addict. Attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting (http://www.midtownatlantana.com/) can also be beneficial.

Heroin use may be on the rise, but you do not have to let your friend or family member fall victim to this dangerous scourge. Call Atlanta addiction recovery centers to get started on the path to sobriety.


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