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Heroin abuse can be found even in the most public areas. Law enforcement officials on Aug. 19 began cracking down on the drug market surrounding the Georgia World Congress Center and the Georgia Dome. Atlanta's English Avenue neighborhood is known for having one of the largest open-air heroin markets in the Southeast. Users can simply walk up to a house in the area and buy whatever drugs they want.

Heroin abuse is serious and can lead to a powerful addiction. In the early stages, people suffering from heroin abuse will report experiences of euphoria and relaxation while taking the drug. However, heroin addiction can occur very quickly because of the way that the drug works in the body. Withdrawal symptoms can be very painful and disturbing. One of the key symptoms of advanced heroin addiction is the total loss of interest in anything but obtaining the next "fix" whatever the cost physically, psychologically or socially.

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What Causes Heroin Addiction?

Many people start out using heroin recreationally because of peer pressure, underlying mental health issues, or ignorance about the harmful effects of substance abuse. Others may begin by taking medically prescribed opiates but then develop an addiction.

Heroin use changes the way the brain functions, altering the balance of chemicals and neurotransmitters and causing a powerful physical dependence on the drug. With a proper medical detox and therapy program this can be remedied. If the addiction is not treated, then rapid deterioration of health, leading ultimately to death by respiratory collapse or heart failure, is a real danger.

Heroin addiction frequently leads to diminished responsibility as the search for the next dose overrides all other considerations. This can lead to loss of work, family, friends and health. Crimes statistics show that addicts in the advanced stages of heroin addiction may resort to criminal activities to support their habit.

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