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When addiction recovery is discussed today, many people talk about the fact that addicts must hit "rock bottom" before they are willing to begin recover. It is only at this rock bottom place that they can see clearly the damage their addiction has not only on their own lives but the lives of those that love and care about them the most. However, for some people, this place either never comes, or the person gets themselves into serious trouble before they reach that rock bottom. Families and friends who see a loved one with addiction have the option to stage an intervention, which may help an addict see how his or her actions affect loved ones.

When to Intervene

Some say that the first sign of addiction is the best time to intervene. Others would not suggest intervention until the addict starts exhibiting dangerous behaviors, such as lying, stealing, and withdrawing from normal life. The best time to have an intervention is when the family and friends believe that the addicted person will actually be open to what they have to say. In order to treatment to really work, the addict has to be willing to give up their addiction.

Benefits of Interventions

Interventions are effective because they pull a person with an addiction out of their own little world and remind them that they have a network of people to provide support and love, who want to see them get well again. A support system is essential for any person going through recovery, and showing an addicted person that they have a support system, even before they enter treatment, is a great way to ensure their success. Interventions may also help those who are unwilling to acknowledge their problem. Some people, especially those with alcohol and prescription drug dependencies often do not believe they have a problem, until they can see their patterns and behaviors laid out in front of them.

When to Consult a Professional

Some people may want to turn to a professional in order to help with the intervention process. Addicts are often volatile, especially those who do not want to give up drugs or alcohol, and it may be difficult to get through to people like this, without the help of an expert. There are psychologists who specialize in working with addicts, who can provide moral support and suggest the best way of approaching the person in question. Professionals can ensure than the message of love and support is received in the proper way, and that the addict fully understands the impact of their disease and the need to get treatment. Call Atlanta Drug Treatment Centers today.


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