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In a big city like Atlanta, where there exists a culturally diverse society it is no surprise that there is also a diverse mixture of drugs of addiction. Atlanta's population sees patients suffering from alcoholism, illicit drug addiction, and prescription drug abuse. If someone you know is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol call Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities Atlanta for information about treatment options that can help addicts achieve long lasting recovery. (877) 804-1531


Heroin addiction in Atlanta is actually lower than in other metropolitan areas but for the Atlanta population there has still been an increase in inpatient treatment for heroin addiction. In 2011 heroin patients aged 18- 28 were 57% of the admissions. Today numbers of heroin addicts in that same age group make up 64 % of the treatment intakes. Like many other cities, the rise in heroin addiction could possibly be contributed to the world wide prescription drug crack down. Heroin is appealing to younger users because it is cheap and strong. Within 9 months Atlanta's suburbs saw 13 unintentional overdose deaths and those numbers continue to rise.


Methamphetamine related treatment had the most intakes this year since 2006. Patients seeking treatment for injection use hit a high that has not been reached in 10 years. Meth related deaths in Atlanta also rose and for the first time the substance of abuse was the highest rated drug of addiction in the state. The highly addictive drug carries serious health effects and attracts users because of its quick pleasure and short-term advantages. Some people begin use because of its ability to suppress appetite, others because of its known high and stimulation. Overall, there are serious concerns that come with it including long-term and quickly brought on addiction, not to mention the physical and psychological damage it causes.


Cocaine and Marijuana users seeking treatment indicated a decline in the abuse of the substance. Less than 10 percent of admissions in Atlanta treatment centers were for cocaine addictions and most of those users were aged 25-35. Within three years treatment facilities saw the percentage of addicts seeking rehabilitation for pot go from 17.3 to 16.1, not to mention that the Atlanta police department stated a decline in arrested individuals in connection with marijuana use. Cocaine and Marijuana are secondary drugs meaning that most people with addictions to other drugs of abuse also participate in use of these substances but they are not the primary addiction. Marijuana is still a very commonly used substance by many despite the fact that it is illegal.


Prescription drug addiction is still very present in Atlanta and the most popular of the substances seems to be oxycodone and hydrocodone according to statistics and treatment intakes. The number of deaths related to hydrocodone has continued to increase in contrast to oxycodone which saw a decrease. With the crackdown on how people are attaining these substances of abuse and the expensiveness of them on the streets many users are turning to heroin rather than seeking treatment.


Alcoholism in Atlanta is still the commonly reported drug used and abused in the area based on data from intake patients. Among cocaine and marijuana users it was the most common secondary drug according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Alcoholism like most drugs carries many side effects when abused and used for a long period of time. Alcoholics are likely to find themselves in trouble with the law as well as suffering from health complications such as liver and heart problems.


No matter what type of drug you or your loved one may be addicted to, there is always help available. The Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Atlanta offers can provide detox and rehabilitation for addicted individuals as well as recovery tools for a successful prevention of relapse. Call now for information on how to get help with recovery from addiction. (877) 804-1531

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