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Programs for addiction treatment in Atlanta are designed with the understanding that drug addiction is debilitating and difficult to deal with. Receive the quality care and recovery programs that will help you overcome this disease and abstain from using addictive substances. You can lead a happy, sober life. Find out more information about Atlanta substance abuse rehab today by calling at (877) 804-1531.

Different Types of Chemical Addiction

The three most commonly abused drugs of addiction are opiates, sedatives and stimulants. Each type of drug acts upon a different center within the brain to create a neural reward response.

Opiates act as a depressant on the central nervous system to numb pain. Users take opiate drugs in an attempt to create feelings of euphoria and a calm state of relaxation and drowsiness.

Many addictive drugs alter the brain's chemistry, artificially stimulating neurotransmitters to produce an overabundance of dopamine. The brain misinterprets the signals as being a reward, which encourages the user to continue taking the drug in an effort to recapture the same feelings.

Over time, the brain develops a tolerance to the presence of the drug in the system. The person needs to take higher doses to achieve the same effects. At the same time, the brain's chemistry becomes rewired so that it is no longer able to naturally produce dopamine on its own without stimulus from the drug. At this point, the person is considered physically dependent.

When intake of the drug is stopped suddenly, the abuser will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Some symptoms can be physical in nature, including vomiting, diarrhea or cramping. Other symptoms may be psychological, including intense cravings, aggression, anxiety, depression or psychosis.

Some people are naturally more susceptible to addiction than others. Research indicates that a large percentage of people with mental health disorders also struggle with a substance abuse disorder. The findings indicate the possibility of dysfunctional reward pathways within the brain that increase the likelihood of a person with mental illness developing a physical or psychological addiction to a substance of abuse.

Getting Help

Atlanta drug detox programs wean patients off drugs and alcohol in a safe and secure environment. After this is completed, relapse prevention programs are strongly recommended. Alcoholics Anonymous ( and Narcotics Anonymous ( are support groups that let addicts share their experiences in order to determine why they started using. Atlanta drug detox centers can help you fight back and overcome addiction.

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